My snapchat sketch show is annnounced!

This news broke on my birthday and I missed it but the Snapchat sketch show I’m in got announced! I play the eponymous “Me” in The Me and You Show.




KeKe Palmer is Emmy Nominated for Turnt Up With The Taylor’s!!

and it’s so well deserved. Watching her work was truly incredible. I play opposite her as the clueless network executive, Shayla Faye Pressley. All episodes can be found on Facebook watch or Keke Palmer’s instagram!



Comedy Bang Bang!

Well folks. I’ve done it. I made it on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. Check it out! I come in after the second or third commercial break!


GUSH GUSH WARNING: And not only did I do it, I got to do it with a hugely and personally influential comedian, David Cross. To you he may just be the villain in the Alvin in the Chipmunks movie, but to me, he’s the man who’s comedy I ripped off for 4 and a half years straight (College). Y’all would have been so proud of me, pretending like it was totally normal and fine to be in the room with not one, but two people who made Mr. Show. I worked at Earwolf for just over 3 years and 4 years later, I finally accomplished this little dream of mine. Next step, accomplishing every other one. I won’t list them here but I will say they are listed somewhere. SPECIFICITY IS KEY!


STILL Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate is out on Netflix!

A few months ago I had the IMMENSE pleasure of scooting my boot around the Dolby stage behind some of my favorite comedians of all time to celebrate the OG classic LAUGH-IN…and now…the whole show is out on Netflix! Catch me wearing a red Ele-Woods sewn original and dancing behind greats like Lily Tomlin and Jo Anne Worley.

Here’s a trailer.

Decider says: STREAM IT.

AND HERE’S A SUPERCUT I MADE (in case you miss me in the real thing).