9/13/2017 – Jensen Karp’s Live Reads

I was so thrilled to join the Jensen Karp Live Read crew the other day for a reading of the Tom Hanks classic, The Burbs.

Can you believe these humans?

9/13/2017 – Sync Or Swim

You want to see me truly living onstage? Watch this performance! You WILL NOT regret it.


Here is what you missed last night from THE SCORE (Amy Hessler, Ele Woods, Oscar Montoya and Ruha Taslimi). This is our number from Sync or Swim last night. Enjoy!

Posted by Ruha Taslimi on Saturday, August 26, 2017

9/6/2017 – Will Vs. The Future

The Amazon kids show I was in is now out on their streaming service! The first episode is free, you don’t even need amazon prime, and you can help decide whether the show should be picked up to series.

Watch the first episode and review it now!

We’ve got a great

Cool Shit Weird Shit coming for you next month (April 7th at Midnight) and to celebrate here is a Robyn Von Swank portrait of my co-hosts and me.


Drive Share on Go90

Both of my episodes of Drive Share are now up on Go90.com!

What a dream to be directed by the two LEGENDS, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer.

Self-Help Guru                                                         Deer Magnet


New Maude Team!

I am absolutely tickled to announce I’ve been placed on a new maude team at UCB. I’ve been a fan of each and every one of my team members at some point some come check us the fuck out.

The Summer Of – FIRST WEDNESDAYS – 8:30 at UCB SUNSET.


She Charted.

Check out my latest appearance on Who Charted here!