Ele Woods is a actor/writer from Geneva, Switzerland. She performs regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and is represented theatrically by Primary Wave and commercially by Reign.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.08.50 AM

Ele was born in the California sun but relocated to Geneva, Switzerland at a young age, causing her to develop a naturally continental attitude. She graduated with a bilingual diploma (French/English) from the International High School of Geneva and received her BA in Theater from Middlebury College.  She loves roller skating, making weird costumes for shows, and walking quietly so people can’t hear which direction she’s coming from.

Ele has been taking improv classes at UCB since 2008 and is a proud founder of Middlebury College’s improv team, Middlebrow.  Ele is also a member of the UCB Diversity Program, The Striking Viking Story Pirates. Look out for her work at NBC, Amazon, CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and MTV!

One time she made out with a skull in an Off-Broadway play and Variety Magazine called her wonderful. She’s been holding on to that for a while.

Follow her on twitter: @EleWoodsPHD. RuPaul has tweeted at her, twice.

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